“E-consult provides better care and makes our providers happier. We’ve had great adoption throughout our system.”

-Michael Mulligan, MD, Chapa De Indian Health

“E-consult is a strategy to address critical issues such as specialist access and wait times, patient satisfaction, and quality of care.”

-Jana Katz-Bell, MPH, Assistant Dean, UC Davis School of Medicine and Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

“When cases end in an in-person visit, e-consult provides significant benefit because the specialist has access to the labs and images beforehand.”

-Paul Giboney, MD, Director of Specialty Care, LA County Department of Health Services

E-Consult News & Events

  • 2018 E-Consult Workshop Marks E-Consult Tipping Point This year’s E-Consult Workshop marked significant policy changes on both the state and federal levels that show significant movement towards e-consult sustainability. “This is an exciting moment for connected health technology and how it works in our healthcare system on the state and federal level. We’re seeing huge movement in connected health technology use to provide care to people who need it, when they need it,” remarked CCHP’s executive director Mei Kwong. Read more on the E-Consult Workshop page.
  • CCHP E-Consult Workgroup Submits Commentary to DHCS Telehealth Provider Manual The CCHP E-Consult Workgroup has gathered workgroup member input and submitted its commentary to DHCS.
  • New Study on E-Consult Evaluation Reveals Consistent Effectiveness Using a common framework of Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation and Maintenance (RE-AIM), researchers evaluated case studies of e-consult implementations by San Francisco Health Network, Mayo Clinic, Veterans Administration and Champlain Local Health Integration Network. While these organizations represent four very different specialty care deliver structures, the study found improved access to specialty care and high end-user satisfaction for both specialists and PCPs across all four providers. Access the published study.


Expanding Safety Net Access to Specialty Care With E-Consult:

Best Practices, Tools and Templates for Payers, Providers, Policymakers and Patient Advocates

Community engagement, specialty access and staffing considerations, systems and process assessment

Planning and financing considerations for successful e-consult implementation and rollout

Guidelines for launching, expanding across communities and continuously improving e-consult

Best practices for measuring quality, satisfaction, cost effectiveness and efficiency

E-Consult Research and Publications

“Unique Educational Opportunities for [Primary Care Providers] and Specialists Arising From Electronic Consultation Services”

[E-consult] services have been praised by [primary care providers (PCPs)] and specialists for their educational value, in particular their ability to enrich practice-based learning. …[E-consult] programs promote reflection by PCPs and specialists, improve collegiality and professionalism between primary and specialist care, inform continuing professional development activities and maintenance of certification, and enhance training programs’ teaching of effective communication and care coordination. (Academic Medicine, January 2017)  Read more >

The E-Consult Toolkit, made possible through funding from Blue Shield of California Foundation, aims to spread adoption of e-consult to improve safety net access to specialty care. It provides healthcare administrative professionals, medical directors, IT specialists, primary care physicians, and specialists with information and tools for e-consult readiness assessment, planning, implementation and scale and evaluation.