“E-consult provides better care and makes our providers happier. We’ve had great adoption throughout our system.”

-Michael Mulligan, MD, Chapa De Indian Health

“E-consult is a strategy to address critical issues such as specialist access and wait times, patient satisfaction, and quality of care.”

-Jana Katz-Bell, MPH, Assistant Dean, UC Davis School of Medicine and Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

“When cases end in an in-person visit, e-consult provides significant benefit because the specialist has access to the labs and images beforehand.”

-Paul Giboney, MD, Director of Specialty Care, LA County Department of Health Services

E-Consult News & Events

  • May 7th E-Consult Workgroup Webinar featured Salman Ahmed, MD, MPH and Mallika Mendu, MD, MBA, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital who presented their study on e-consults’ utility and appropriateness. In addition, Priya Batra, MD, IEHP, discussed the plan’s e-consult and telehealth programs. Watch the Webinar.
  • E-Consult COVID-19 Resources: To assist provider response to COVID-19, the E-Consult Workgroup frequently updates COVID-19 Resourcesincluding provider services, webinars, policy and best practices.
  • Free Access to E-consults in Response to COVID-19: Provider groups can access free eConsults through the Safety Net Connect eConsult COVID Portal.
  • E-Consult Workgroup Sponsorship Opportunities: The E-Consult Workgroup is expanding in 2020 to address national implementation, policy and payment needs. View Sponsorship Opportunities.
  • Save the Date!  Mark your calendars for the 6th annual E-Consult Workshop, November 16-17, 2020

Expanding Safety Net Access to Specialty Care With E-Consult:

Best Practices and Tools for Payers, Providers, Policymakers and Patient Advocates

Community engagement, specialty access and staffing considerations, systems and process assessment

Planning and financing considerations for successful e-consult implementation and rollout

Guidelines for launching, expanding across communities and continuously improving e-consult

Best practices for measuring quality, satisfaction, cost effectiveness and efficiency

Featured Research

“Utility, Appropriateness, and Content of Electronic Consultations Across Medical Subspecialties: A Cohort Study”

This study applies novel metrics to evaluate the use and appropriateness of Partners HealthCare Systems’ e-consult program. Launched in 2014, Partners’ e-consult program is one of the largest in the U.S. that includes academic medical centers and community-based practices delivering care to 6 million patients. The study’s new metrics define avoided visits as e-consults followed by the absence of in-person visits for 120 days in the same speciality. In addition, researchers defined four criteria to assess appropriateness, which was then determined through reviews of patients’ entire medical records. The study’s results found that 70% of e-consults met all four of these appropriateness criteria and 81% resulted in avoided visits. This distinct study demonstrates through its unique metrics that e-consults are an effective, patient-centered care delivery mode that improve access and reduce costs.  (Annals of Internal Medicine, March 2020)     Read more

E-Consult Workgroup Sponsors

Funding and support for the E-Consult Toolkit is provided by California Health Care Foundation. Our thanks to Blue Shield of California Foundation for the project’s original funding. Our goal is to offer primary and specialty care providers, health IT experts, and patient care advocates information and tools for e-consult readiness assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.