“We now have solid evidence that e-consults improve access to care, improve patient experience, and save money. It is exciting that an increasing number of payers are recognizing this and covering the costs.”

-Daren Anderson, MD, Director Weitzman Institute

“With e-consults, primary and specialty care providers are communicating about patients and delivering care that reduces travel time and low-value visits, and improves the information that a specialist has when they see a patient.”

-Paul Giboney, MD, Director of Specialty Care, LA County Department of Health Services

“E-consults are conversations between primary and specialty care providers that have high value in that they lead to better outcomes at decreased costs.”

Mike Witte, MD, VP and CMO California Primary Care Association

E-Consult News & Events

The November 16th E-Consult Workgroup Annual Meeting begins at 8 PT. Click here to join

The meeting kicks off with a Fireside Chat with E-Consult Workgroup technology innovators at 8 PT. Click below to join the session of your choice. Following the fireside chat, you can rejoin the 9 PT main session here.

Expanding Safety Net Access to Specialty Care With E-Consult:

Best Practices and Tools for Payers, Providers, Policymakers and Patient Advocates

E-Consult Workgroup Sponsors

Funding and support for the E-Consult Toolkit is provided by California Health Care Foundation. Our thanks to Blue Shield of California Foundation for the project’s original funding. Our goal is to offer primary and specialty care providers, health IT experts, and patient care advocates information and tools for e-consult readiness assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.